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Learn a little about Valenti's Design, Build & Remodel

Joseph A. Valenti was born into a large Italian family and raised in St. Louis, MO. 4-generations of Valenti’s owned and operated a local grocery store and meat market. It was an unwritten rule in the family that your 1st job would be in the family business. The 2nd unwritten rule was to provide outstanding service. If you offered more than your customers expected, you’d have a customer for life.

For over 7 years, Joe worked side-by-side with his family before branching off to attend the University of Missouri of St. Louis. After college, Joe began his career of 29 years in sales with one of the oldest home improvement companies in the area. It was during this time that Joe was exposed to many skilled carpenters, trade professionals, and experts that provided education on the simplest projects. They taught him to do things the proper way or to not do them at all.

What did Joseph Valenti learn?

Joe enjoyed many things that came with his career, but says that he loved meeting his customers the most. Not only did he develop solutions for his customers remodeling needs, he produced a vision and exceeded their expectations.


Growing up in a family-owned business laid the foundation for what Valenti’s Design, Build & Remodel stands for today. Our mission is to leave you with more than you could ever imagine possible. Call us today and let us know your dreams and ideas.

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When your project is completed, you can be assured that the investment is protected. Our providers have an exemplary, dedicated service staff who provide prompt, reliable solutions to any concerns.


They also address any adjustments that may arise during the warranty. A keen attention to detail is embedded in our culture and thereby brings about loyal customers.

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